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Innovation, research and attention. Three pillars on which we have developed our history.

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100% differentiated collection and reduction of consumption. A constant commitment.

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Made in Italy
All the materials of our shoes are produced, processed and assembled in Italy.
Safety Category
Security is an essential element for us and it is what we guarantee not only to our buyers, but also to our workers.
Ethical code
Lewer follows a high quality standard not only in terms of production. Our company follows a strict ethical code, because, first of all, we believe in the value of people.

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Dozens of models in eight distinct categories.
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Lewer Italian Safety Shoes

Thousands of feet saved

Testimonial by Michele Massa
Since I bought my first pair of Lewers I immediately felt the difference. I will never abandon them.
Michele Massa
Testimonial by Gianluca Tognani
On construction sites I manage safety is a must. With Lewer shoes, I make sure all my colleagues work better and without danger.
Gianluca Tognani
Testimonial by Ada Lubrano
In my company I have advised all my employees to wear Lewer footwear. I think it was one of the wisest choices!
Ada Lubrano
Testimonial by Gabriele D'Anna
There are jobs like mine where you always risk. I decided to limit the risks. With my pair of new Lewers I also feel less fatigue.
Gabriele D'Anna


  • C.da Bagni, snc - 80420 Colliano (SA) - ITALIA
  • (+39) 0828 995520
  • (+39) 0828 995928
  • (+39) 0828 995494

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