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"Made in Italy" production of professional footwear is the basis of success.

Based in Colliano (SA), the company is headed by Gennaro Scotto, Sole Director and founding member of the company.
Founded in 1987, as a small production company, the company has always operated on its own account and with the strategic objective of affirming its brand in the world of accident prevention.

Thanks to a highly developed entrepreneurial spirit and an acute vision of the market, from the earliest times even if small steps have given rise to a simple but efficient business model.

In just a few years, the brand has grown considerably, becoming a successful competitor in the now crowded panorama of work footwear, thanks to a forward-looking commercial strategy based on the Made in Italy quality of the product.

High quality that however is not identified with a “niche” product but that finds its maximum expression in a large volume production at competitive prices.

In the 10 years following 1995, in fact, Lewer’s exploit translates into constant growth, at times exponentially of two figures.

A growth of the business followed by the development of the company organization with dizzying increases in production.



The initiative and farsightedness have led to the creation of an organizational model that allows large volumes to be obtained by planning and planning every single detail.
Today Lewer boasts a modern and avant-garde headquarters that covers an area of ​​7,700 square meters, where all the functions relating to organization, style and distribution are concentrated.
The modern set-up of production processes and technological investments are the basis of the Lewer strategy which, while maintaining a family-run management, integrates industrial processes and provides organizational methods that impeccably regulate a footwear supply chain that it has generated in the surrounding area, with an induced though modest size, efficient.

From the realization of the models, to the supply of leather and other materials, to the management of the assembly, each phase of the complex footwear production is orchestrated by the Colliano headquarters through the involvement of 3 factories of the Avellino area, which produce exclusively for the brand. The parent company therefore provides a basic organization; the design of the products, the purchase of raw materials, the type and arrangement of machinery and the assembly line, prototyping, production start-up.

At the Colliano site, two owned factories were built, the first of 2,400 square meters for production, the second of 2,000 square meters of recent construction are located offices and logistics, where about 1000 photovoltaic panels were placed for the production of almost everything energy needs, thus helping to reduce the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere.
The careful management of deliveries and the efficiency of the service represent an important element of the Lewer commercial strategy which, together with the punctual and efficient logistic organization, makes use of advanced IT systems for the management of orders and shipments.

In addition to production know-how and accurate work organization, the Lewer formula also includes careful market analysis and sales trends in order to optimize processing, guarantee economies of scale and constant production.
Orders, restocking and supplies to important bodies and considerable bulk, are managed according to a consolidated know-how that allows supporting retail and non-retail customers with a real consulting service and for the best sales success.

Mission Made in Italy

The goal was and remains to create quality shoes in Italy, thus defending our know-how and creating jobs, wealth and well-being.

The Made in Italy production with skilled labor guarantees the high quality of the products is for Lewer a strategic plus that engages the company in the constant valorization and defense of the Italian know-how, as well as of the professional resources of its own territory.
The Italian character of the shoes is emphasized on each product through the tricolor proudly displayed on the soles of the shoes, in the details and on the packaging.
In sharp contrast to the choices of most competitors, who have outsourced all production to lower-cost countries, Lewer was able to strongly affirm his mission as a supporter of Italian footwear culture, gaining the trust and favor of consumers .

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At the center of it all there is always the " Man Resource"
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A philosophy that sees application not only outside, towards the customer, but also within the structure, where the contribution of each does not end at the desk, in the canonical working hours, but continues even further, every collaborator feels at the center of a large family, and an integral part of a great and exciting project.

The most important resources are people, their motivation, their commitment and professionalism are the basis of Lewer success.

Lewer Green

Lewer is committed to reducing the environmental impact through the recycling of materials, waste disposal and energy savings through the use of alternative energies.

Separate collection within the company is 100% made, therefore when possible
the materials are destined for re-use.

The disposal of special waste is entrusted to the authorized companies that take care of collection, transport
and their disposal, as required by current regulations.

An important contribution to protecting the environment is given by the reduction in the consumption of electricity supplied by the users, through the production of energy from renewable or alternative sources, wind / sun.

Lewer has in fact already activated a mini wind energy plant and a photovoltaic energy plant capable of making it self-sufficient.
Therefore it makes a noteworthy contribution to the reduction of the serious problem of C02 emissions.

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