Ethical code

The Lewer Technical Footwear Company s.r.l. is one of the main players in the European market in the production of work footwear, the Lewer s.r.l. operates through its own production sites located in SOUTH ITALY with the main office in COLLIANO (SA).

The Code of Ethics is a key tool to guide administrators, prosecutors, employees, collaborators, agents, consultants, professionals, suppliers and in general all those who operate in the name and / or on behalf of LEWER srl. The Company is committed to respecting the Code in the performance of all activities and is committed to having high standards of business conduct, based on integrity and fairness. It is the duty of all Recipients to know the content of the Code of Ethics, understand its meaning and possibly take action to ask for clarifications. The observance by all the Recipients of the indications formalized in the Code, each within the scope of their responsibilities and functions, contributes to the achievement of the Company’s objectives, in a climate of sharing results.

Compliance with laws
The Company has as its essential principle the respect of laws and regulations in force in all the countries in which it operates and will not start or continue any relationship with those who do not intend to adopt and respect this principle.

Health & Safety
Protecting the health and safety of people is one of the primary objectives of the Company. The Company’s activities are carried out in full compliance with the current regulations regarding the protection of health and safety in the workplace as well as the applicable prevention regulations.

Environmental Protection
The environment is a primary asset that the Company undertakes to safeguard and, to this end, program its activities by seeking a balance between economic initiatives and environmental needs, developing its business with the utmost respect for environmental legislation in force. The Company promotes behaviors and activities aimed at reduction of its environmental impacts and is actively involved in the constant adaptation of its production site to the best reference practices.

In business dealings with third parties it is forbidden to receive or offer, benefits (both direct and indirect), gifts, acts of courtesy and hospitality, unless they are of a nature and value that cannot be interpreted as aimed at obtaining treatment of favor and, in any case, not to compromise the image of the Company. The Company believes in administrative transparency, similarly the Company reiterates that the financial statements must represent the economic, equity or financial situation in a truthful, clear and transparent manner.

Recycling prevention
Any operation that may involve the slightest possibility of involvement of the Company in matters of handling, laundering, use of goods or money of illicit origin is strictly prohibited.

The Company identifies adequate investment plans with a view to constantly monitoring the assets with planned maintenance programs, making new investments to improve efficiency, safety in the plants and their environmental impact. The Company promotes a continuous development of processes and product quality supported by the research activity carried out. Technological innovation and research must be dedicated in particular to the promotion of products and processes that are increasingly compatible with the environment and with the safety and health of workers.

The Company recognizes the importance of human resources (meaning both employees and collaborators who work in favor of the Company in contractual forms different from that of subordinate employment), as one of the fundamental factors for achieving corporate objectives and the relevance of a correct training, preparation and motivation of the staff to maintain the quality standards of the product and the service offered to the Customer.

The Company considers unacceptable any type of violence, harassment or unwanted behavior that violates the dignity of the person towards whom these attitudes are directed. Any form of sexual harassment, or referring to personal, cultural and religious differences is therefore prohibited.

Establishment of the employment relationship
The staff is hired with a regular employment contract; no form of irregular work is tolerated. When the employment relationship is established, the employment documents and the individual protection devices supplied (if applicable for the job) are delivered.

Work environment
All employees and collaborators must personally contribute to the construction and maintenance of a climate of mutual respect, showing attention to colleagues and the sensitivity of each, in a climate of collaboration and help.


The Company undertakes to disseminate and consolidate the culture of safety by developing risk awareness and knowledge and compliance with current legislation on prevention and protection by promoting responsible behavior on the part of all with the awareness that proper training and information for workers constitutes a fundamental tool to improve business performance and work safety.

The Company pursues the objective of fully meeting customer expectations and needs. The Company intends to build lasting and profitable relationships with all its customers, offering quality products, attention to customer needs, professionalism, availability and timeliness in communications. In order to guarantee high quality products in line with the customer’s needs, the Company carries out rigorous checks on raw materials and final products.

Suppliers play a fundamental role within the corporate strategy in order to obtain high performance and quality standards to offer to the customer.